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Instagram boasts more than 600 million active monthly users, with more than 100 million of them using Instagram every single day. It is the second-most engaged social media platform after Facebook. So, if you’re not spending a solid amount of strategic time on Instagram, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Using Instagram strategically to build your audience, brand, and business takes time and consistent effort – you cannot just post and hope for the best. You must engage. But we don't all have tons of extra time each day to browse Instagram.

That's where the InstaBoost program comes in. With InstaBoost, we handle engagement activities for you – that's liking, commenting, and even following.

We will strategically target your engagement activities so that we're connecting, on your behalf, with users who want to connect with YOU! We can target followers of influential users, hashtags, locations, your current followers or people you follow, and more.

The more you interact with other Instagram users who are interested in the same kinds of things as you, the higher the chance that these people will follow you, enjoy your content, connect with your brand, and ultimately purchase your services. InstaBoost makes it so that Instagram is working FOR you even when you don't have your phone in your hand.

I will personally review your Instagram profile and the type of content you post, along with your answers to a few important questions, to get a thorough understanding of your goals and the types of people you’re trying to gain as followers and customers. I will attract those people — the ones you’re looking for, because they're looking for you too! — to your photos and videos through strategic engagement to organically grow a real, targeted following for you on Instagram.

All YOU need to do is commit to posting relevant, engaging, and quality content to your Instagram profile at least one time per day!

While results are not guaranteed, many people have seen 100+ new, engaged followers each week while on InstaBoost!